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We help farmers and agricultural suppliers deal better with droughts and irrigation

Determine drought intensity with field-level accuracy to run actuarial analytics to drastically improve your drought insurance services.

Use our intra-field soil moisture monitoring system to control irrigation and fight mildew and other threats related to moisture and dryness.

Know about yield forecasts and farmers’ needs earlier and with much higher certainty using our aggregated field-level moisture analytics.

Crop insurance

Understand and predict damage events and put them in context with more than 40 years of our remote sensing archives. Run your actuary analytics and test our fraud detection capabilities. Accelerate the entire claim assessment process and increase claim assessment acceptance. Improve underwriting and gain a pricing advantage to your competitors. Create new parametric insurance offerings with HelioPas AI.


Check the soil moisture status daily of any of your fields with unmatched spatial resolution and consistency. Not enough water, too much, heatwaves? We provide the best tool for your harvest management.

No more ground sensors. HelioPas AI soil moisture data is the best alternative to in-situ soil moisture sensors, much cheaper and with daily data, even covering past seasons.

Data around the field

Use our data sets to forecast drought effects on yield or ask how we can help you make more use of your data. Our data fusion experts can predict the spread of crop diseases, weeds and pests, determine purchasing behavior and buying power, model future seed choices and much more.

We combine the highest resolution soil moisture data with different data pools and interpret them with artificial intelligence. Since we use microwave technology, we have no problem with clouds or darkness. Ask for more information.

Experience the difference in resolution accuracy for soil moisture maps first hand!

Try WaterFox

our smart farming system that maps intra-field soil moisture levels
to save water and enhance irrigation planning




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Our AI research and startup background allows us to use state-of-the-art technologies and utilize our research networks

Ingmar Wolff

CEO & Co-Founder

Responsible for sales, partners and investor

Benno Avino

CTO & Co-Founder

Responsible for research and development

Carolin Baltzer

Responsible for finance
and business processes

David Wolfer

Master Thesis deep learning

Lucas Brenneis

Responsible for software development

Matthias Wagner

Responsible for frontend app development

Sebastian Markgraf

Responsible for data science and deep learning

Thorben Beck

Responsible for frontend app development

Anna Jenne

Responsible for marketing and public relations


Responsible for sales and field trials

Marc Haller

Responsible for product design and sales

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Our advisors and experts panel

Dr. Steffen Mengel

Disciplined entrepreneurship advisor

Lukas Samuel Maxeiner

Blockchain expert,
PhD student at TU Dortmund

Wilhelm Rupp

Investor, former CFO of a leading people’s bank

Verena Mayer-Kolbinger

CEO of marketing and branding agency

Michael Kofluk

Advisor, former partner at BCG

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Fischer

Advisor in academics and entrepreneurship




Volker Warzecha

Entrepreneur and investor

Jan-Carsten Weihgold

Insurance statistician / Actuary DAV

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