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Our technology provides unique insight into what’s happening in the field.
Therefore, the following use cases are only a small selection of the possible applications.
Please feel free to contact us if you prefer a different use case.

Specify any Field Structure

Identify the Differences in Your Field

We can remotely determine the heterogeneity of the soil in any field in the world. To do this, we analyze the behavior of the soil in a long-term analysis.
This makes it possible to determine individually on which areas which seeds are grown. Furthermore, it is possible to determine which fields are to be leased in the future.


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Manage your Irrigation Processes

WaterFox – The software for planning, coordinating and documenting your irrigation

Summers are getting drier – irrigation is now an integral part of securing yields. Actively counteract drought stress: With WaterFox, you receive clear, yieldmaximizing irrigation recommendations – individually for each field, taking into account the crop type and sowing time.

Registered farmers

Determine Crop Type

Find Out Where Which Seeds are Grown

Our satellite image Analytics allow you to analyze any field in the world. So you can check on your own and on foreign fields which seeds have been planted there and this without being on site.

Identify Land Use

Data on Different Types of Land Use

Get the proportion of cropland, grass, forest, and other land uses over several years in the past and identify trends and distributions of land use in every region of your choice.

Receive Driveability Recommendations

Evaluation of the Soil Bearing Capacity

With our Analytics, you can find out from home whether the field is accessible for your machines. This way, you can make sure that you don’t cause permanent damage to your soil and save yourself unnecessary traveling.

Preserve Plant Health

Respond Early and Accurately to Potential Diseases

By analyzing the plants surrounding your field, you can discover at an early stage which diseases and pathogens are potentially spreading in your area. So you can react in time and spray pesticides precisely.

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