Seed Producer

Reduce Your Product Development Time

Lack of field data and soil differences make the classification of breeding results uncertain and thus product development slow and expensive!
Identify your most promising seed with the help of our Analytics!

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Agriculture Machinery

Increase Your Customer Loyalty

Increase your delivery range and become more than just the farmer’s supplier, become a partner.
Find out what the farmer needs through up-to-date, location-independent analyses of the fields and offer additional features such as a driveability or a harvest time recommendation.

Use Cases for You


Decrease Uncertainty and Costs

Discover under which circumstances your products have the best performance by evaluating our scalable and affordable Analytics of potentially every field in which your product is used.

Use Cases for You


Lower Costs, Maximize Yield

Get Germany’s market-leading software called WaterFox for managing irrigation in agriculture and become one of over 200 registered farmers. Learn more details on our own website for WaterFox.

Food Processors

Improve Your Supply Chain Traceability

Receive early warnings for supply shortages and save operational costs for control systems trough remote environmental monitoring and obtain scalable data to ensure the growing needs of consumers for greater sustainability.

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