Remote Environmental Monitoring

By providing scalable and accurate environmental insights, we help agribusinesses to increase yields, reduce waste and enrich nature and soil.

Transforming Agriculture

Love for Nature and Farming

We all are nature and we all feed from it. Our work ensures that our grandchildren can still farm rich soils and harvest nutritious food.

Measure to Understand

Understanding how to increase yields long-term with less resources requires accurate assessment of the fields’ reality.

Affordable and Reliable Field Data

To change farming practices towards sustainability, we aim to provide the most accurate, reliable and affordable data available.

What We Offer

Analytics: Envirotyping

We provide information about the environment and phenotype on your fields and support you in implementing it in your business processes.

Waterfox - Irrigation Management Software

Waterfox is the software for planning, coordinating and documenting your irrigation process. Try WaterFox now 30 days free of charge!

Artificial Intelligence Projects

We’ve developed our own AI from scratch, building deeper expertise along the way. Therefore, we are your suitable partner for AI projects.

Contract Research

Through our more than 5 years of research together with renowned research institutes, we have developed efficient research processes

Industries We Serve

Discover how satellite-based Analytics can advance your own business! It doesn’t matter in which part of agriculture you are operating, as all companies involved in agriculture can benefit from our technology!

Farm Utility Providers

Seed breeder

Agricultural machinery



Learn more about your fields without necessarily being on site. Manage and control your processes based on facts.

Food Processors

We offer a scalable and cost-effective way to remotely learn everything about your suppliers’ fields to better track the supply chain. 

Parameters We Offer

Our offer includes a wide variety of Analytics and highly accurate data on a daily basis.

The presented parameters are only a small selection of our delivery range. For other parameters like biomass or field bounderies you can easily contact us.

Soil Homogeneity

Identify differences in your own and others’ fields and selectively choose homogeneous areas of the field for comparable experiments.

Discover matching use cases

Crop Type

Remotely determine the crop type and save you valuable working time.

Dicover matching use cases

Floor Bearing Capacity

Know from home if the field can be driven on and plan with more reliability.

Discover matching use cases

Soil Moisture

Gain access to the world’s leading soil moisture analysis with unrivaled spatial (10 m) and temporal resolution (daily).

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Land Usage

Automatically detect the land use of any area in the world.

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Plant Health

Detect area-wide and early diseases and infestations of plants. For this purpose, you can obtain data on the NDVI, for example.

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CyberChampions 2019

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GROW Award 2019

Our Team & Vision

As a team, we are driven by the vision of empowering stakeholders around agriculture to provide us all with enough healthy food while enriching our soil and environment.

The idea for the company was born in 2017 at an IoT hackathon…

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