We empower farmers to provide us all with enough healthy food, while enriching our soil and environment.

We help farmers to increase yields, reduce waste and enrich nature and soil by providing agribusiness with scalable and accurate environmental insights.

Our AI research and startup background allows us to use state-of-the-art technologies and utilize our research networks

Ingmar Wolff

CEO & Co-Founder

Responsible for sales, partners and investors

Benno Avino

CTO & Co-Founder

Responsible for technology & research management 

Nike Dingeldein

Responsible for organization
and communication

Josia Fritz

Responsible for marketing and sales




Richard Häcker

Responsible for data science

Matthias Wagner

Responsible for frontend & backend development

Sebastian Markgraf

Responsible for data science

Thorben Beck

Responsible for frontend app development

Felix Karg

Responsible for backend development




Paula Pons

Responsible for user experience design

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Our advisors and experts panel

Dr. Steffen Mengel

Disciplined entrepreneurship advisor

Lukas Samuel Maxeiner

Blockchain expert,
PhD student at TU Dortmund

Wilhelm Rupp

Investor, former CFO of a leading people’s bank

Verena Mayer-Kolbinger

CEO of marketing and branding agency

Michael Kofluk

Advisor, former partner at BCG

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Fischer

Advisor in academics and entrepreneurship




Volker Warzecha

Entrepreneur and investor

Jan-Carsten Weihgold

Insurance statistician / Actuary DAV